Eco-Friendly Homes Unveiled In Bradford

 Baildon Housing Association is all set to unveil an eco-friendly development in Bradford. This new family housing project is the first of its kind in the city and the 3-bedroom homes are available for rent in Munby Street, Fairweather Green. The homes were built by The Accent Foundation based in Baildon and according to them; all buildings meet some of the Government’s strictest guidelines on reducing carbon emissions. Also, new heating technology that use pipes buried underground that extract heat from the earth and redistribute it to radiators and water heaters will reduce bills by almost three-quarters!

The Accent Foundation stated, “These are the first housing association homes in the city with features which mean they will be able to save huge amounts of money they will be able to save on household bills.”

Under new Government guidelines, all new build homes in the UK must meet energy efficiency, water consumption and CO2 emission targets at a bare minimum and this new development has certainly been constructed with that in mind. The homes are constructed using timber frames that were highly insulated for superior heat retention. The houses also feature a special ventilation system that takes warm air from the bathroom and kitchen, uses it to heat fresh air from outside then distributes it to colder areas! Each home also incorporates double glazed windows with timber frames and under floor heating whilst 9 of the homes also feature a number of water saving technologies.

The Accent Foundation is part of the Accent Group who specialise in property development. So far they have been responsible for the building of 19 thousand homes across England. The project not only meets new guidelines for eco-efficiency but provides new, high quality housing at affordable prices to rent in the region. As more and more Government guidelines come into play, let’s hope more high quality developments like this one pop get underway all over the UK!

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