Eco Friendly Homes


Increasing awareness about the environment has made us conscious about the choices we make everyday. There are organic food and drinks, natural beauty products and what have you. Homebuyers have also started paying attention to the green aspect when looking for that perfect house. Many builders are offering eco friendly homes which attract the modern discerning buyer.

When buying a house, you must pay attention to some details to ensure that your house is really environment friendly. Here are some pointers:


Insulation might do nothing to add to the beauty of a house, but is a great energy saver. You will not need to buy air conditioners or room heaters if there is ample insulation inside the ceilings. It traps heat during cold season and cold air during summer. When added to walls, it also cuts down noise between rooms. So builders make sure there is plenty of good quality insulation installed in the house at the time of construction.

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Solar Power Enabled Houses

Solar power is free and your electricity expenses will be minimum if the equipment is proper and the weather is good enough to support it. Many builders provide solar power enabled houses which help the environment and your pocket also. Such houses can be quite expensive, though because the initial set up required to harness solar power is quite expensive.

Garbage Management

Though usually found only in planned communities, builders are now providing garbage recycling plants within the house premises which enable you to reduce waste as well as create fertilizer for the lawn or garden. This proves to be a boon for modern young people who find the process of sorting through and disposing garbage quite time consuming.

Water Recycling and Rain Water Harvesting

Water reserves of the world are dwindling fast and with the growing population, it makes sense to harvest rain water and recycle grey water to use again for purposes like watering gardens or even mopping floors. Environment friendly houses come with water recycling and rain water harvesting facilities. You might also find additional features like water efficient taps or dual flush toilets.

Building Materials

If you pay enough attention, you can find out what kinds of materials have been used to build the house. Like environment conscious buyers, there are environment conscious builders also who use eco friendly or recycled materials to build the houses, incorporated into the most modern and stylish designs. These materials are easily available locally and use of synthetic materials is kept to a minimum.


Eco friendly homes are generally built in greener locations. You might need to move a bit away from the city but the comfort of living in the lap of nature is irresistible. Most localities are self sufficient nowadays and you might not need to search far for schools if you have children of school going age, or for your regular supply of groceries. Builders also provide pleasant landscaping which is a joy for nature lovers.


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