Home Solar Power Systems-What Makes It Work?


Home solar power systems electricity is gaining popularity by the day.  It is fact that fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum products are being depleted all of the time.  Alternative natural energy solutions, such as solar power electricity are quickly taking the stage.

In recent years more people have been choosing natural sources of energy for several reasons;

1. Natural energy sources are environment friendly.

2.  Home solar power systems produce very little pollution.

3.  Solar power does nothing to contribute to the greenhouse effect.

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4. Solar power electricity produces no noise pollution.

How is home solar power electricity produced?

The power is generated by converting photon energy, sunlight, into electrical energy using semiconductors known as photovoltaic cells.

The man components of a typical home solar power system are:

1) Solar Panel Array

2) Charging Controller

3) Batteries

4) Solar power inverter

Solar Panel Array:

Solar panel arrays are a group of solar panels connected together.  The solar panel array needs to be placed where it can get as much direct sunlight as possible.  The array is sometime placed in an open area on a stand made for solar panels near the house or building that it will provide power to.  The most popular place to attach the solar panel array is on the roof of the house or building.

Charging Controller:

The charging controller is used mostly for solar power electricity systems that neither are nor tied to the local power grid, although it can be used for grid tied systems.  The charging controller regulates the amount of charge to the system’s batteries.  This device which sits between the solar panel array and the battery banks, keeps the batteries from overcharging or having too little charge.


These are 12 volt batteries used to store the electricity produced by the solar panels.  The electricity produced by the solar panel array and stored in the batteries is Direct Current (DC) electricity.

Solar power inverter:

In the USA most home appliances operate on 110/220 volt Alternating Current (AC) electricity.  The electricity produced by the solar panel array and stored in the batteries is needs to be changed from12 volt DC power into 110/220 volt AC current.  To make that change is the job of the solar power inverter.There is other wires and connectors that play significant roles in the home solar power systems.  The components listed above are the core parts of the system.

In the past several years, there have been several good products reach the market that have done a great deal to change the way millions of people around the globe have approached home solar power systems for their use.

These products are solar power systems kits which are put together with easy to understand step-by-step instructions and videos for the do-it-yourself beginner.  These products contain a list on all of the required materials, and they can all be bought from your local hardware store for around 0.


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