Recycling Is Simple


There are actually a lot of things that you can recycle: Water, Energy, Paper, Metal, Aluminium Cans, Glass, Plastic, Styrofoam, Steel, & even the Junk that you get in your mail. All of these things, as you know, could end up as litter & regrettably, in a landfill or even worse, in the ocean; but you’re probably asking, “So what’s your point?” Do me a favour & hold your horses because I’m getting there.

The basic principle of Recycling is to collect items that have already been used & reprocessing them so they can be used again; pretty simple, right? Of course you don’t do this yourself, or I guess you can if you’d like. Anyway, when you recycle, you pretty much save energy. When a manufacturing company decides to make new stuff out of old stuff, it saves a lot of energy. A good example of this would be the recycled notebooks; all of the paper is recycled & can be recycled again for another notebook’s use, not to mention you save a tree or two.

When you do the world a big favour & recycle, you can not only make this planet a better place to live, but also reduce pollution & improve environmental conditions. When someone as great as you recycles, you help prevent the global climate change, reduce greenhouse gas release, & you even cut back the amount of fuel used! How great is that, right? Anyway, by doing all this, it eventually leads to you and companies saving natural resources. Let’s look at an example, shall we? If the all the tabloid newspapers were to recycle all of the newspapers that they print every single day, there wouldn’t be the need to cut & kill a thousand trees a day; see what I’m saying? As of now, all trees in different rain forests are being cut down at an alarming rate & by this time in four years, researchers are saying that there will be no more trees left.

Not only are you helping the world, but you’re helping yourself save money; I bet you didn’t think about that one. It’s true, since it’s expensive to start production on something new with brand new materials, manufacturers are going to want that money reimbursed so they can continue making the expensive stuff. When you buy things that are recycled, it’s obviously cheaper to make, so you know you’re going to buy it for a low price. Even when you think about it, all the waste & rubbish that isn’t recycled is taking up a bunch of space in landfills. When you take the time to recycle & separate your aluminium’s from your plastic, it allows more space for things that really do belong in landfills like old, used paper towels & every other thing that’s biodegradable.

Regardless if you think that recycling is something that can benefit the world or if you simply think that it’s another “hippie” movement, I at least encourage you to do your part. I’m not saying you have to become obsessed with it & always keep track of what you recycle & what you don’t recycle, all I’m saying is that this Earth appreciates every little bit you can do for it; considering it has provided you with a place to live, eat, & pretty much do everything else; you know?

Recycling is simple at home & in the office. Just think of how much waste that is “thrown” in the bin at work & in the office. Most office waste can be recycled simply but it just needs you to get the ball rolling and it won’t just be the environment that benefits but your piece of mind too.

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