The Benefits of Eco-friendly Promotional Products


As a community we need to join together and live eco-friendly lives, so that generations to come can enjoy our earth’s bounty. We teach our children the basic rules of life but need to be reminded to live by them as well. Therefore, just as a mother nurtures her children in the values of life, I would like to propose that we all re-learn and actively live by one of these core teachings. Share.

When your daughter pulls a Barbie Doll out of the hands of her friend you reprimand her. “Stop it girls! You can both play together.” Likewise, no one person owns this earth and we should all be able to use its resources. As gas prices rise and crude oil supplies are being depleted we need to ask ourselves. Are we sharing?


The Unites States accounts for 4 percent of the Earth’s population. Yet we produce 25 percent of the carbon dioxide pollution from fossil-fuel burning. This is attributed to: Our roughly 250 million registered cars on the roads, our constant need of new, cheap products, and our high usage/waste of electricity. But luckily there are ways to reduce our carbon foot print if we are willing to work together and make small sacrifices.


The best way to share our earth resources is to reduce our dependency on them. Dare yourself to live a day without electricity. Our lifestyles are all different but try spending one day without the television, computer and phone. The sun is our best source of light, so turn the switches down and go outside. And while you’re out there, hang your clothing up on a line to dry. Even a small day to day change yields a huge difference in the long run.


It can be as simple as a switch from plastic bags to organic re usable bags, or a decision to shop locally. Independent businesses generate strength and stability in communities by giving back 80 percent of the profit they make. Is that 10% discounted product from China really better than the more expensive American made product? Though both products look similar, an organic American made tee shirt will last longer than a cheap factory produced shirt. By knowing your store owners personally you can trust in their products and support their growth with a purchase. The longer a product lasts, the less you will have to buy more-and the less you’ll contribute to big business’s large carbon foot print. This community bonding is the perfect way to share in our earths resources.


One reasonable way to reduce the amount of gas used and the amount of fumes released is to car pool. Use a recycled calendar to make a driving schedule with a co-worker, classmate, or friend. When you car pool you save money and reduce your carbon output. The sun is always willing to share its rays with us. So we should start sharing all of earth’s resources with one another.


Businesses today are taking steps towards eco-friendliness by reducing their negative impact on the world. Some efforts include changing from coal burning fuel to solar energy by implementing solar panels in factories. But not all efforts must be so drastic. Personal electricity use in the office, such as computers, lights and air conditioning can be monitored and adjusted for optimal use. Recycled materials can be used to produce products that will last longer. And the theme of eco-friendliness can be spread with the use of smart advertising and personalized promotional products. Several promotional products often purchased by businesses now have eco-friendly alternatives. Companies can purchase eco-friendly promotional products such as personalized organic cotton tote bags for an upcoming convention or trade shows. Businesses can distribute promotional travel tumblers to reduce waste from paper coffee cups. Recycled flyers and water bottles can be given out as take home gifts at the annual company picnic. These are just a few simple examples of environmentally friendly promotional products that are available. Businesses must take the initiative and make others aware of eco-friendliness. By turning over to eco-friendly policies, businesses encourage us to change, so that everyone on this earth can share in its resources.

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