Ways To Create Ecological Home Furnishings

 Green home furnishings not only preserves your home, but also improves the environment of your home and the quality of your life. You home is where you spend most of your time. Having an eco-smart home decoration and furnishings can tremendously improve the indoor air quality. Here are the top 5 ways in which you can improve the quality of your home interiors while maintaining both the form and function along with style:

1.) Green Non-Toxic Paints that are free of chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and heavy metals are ideal choice for protecting and decorating any surface. It is important to choose the non-toxic paints because of they are known for their ability to significantly improve the quality of air that you breathe day-in day out. There are three basic types of paints: Low-VOC, Zero-VOC, and Natural. It is best to choose the Natural Paints. The best part of natural paints is that not only are they kinder to the environments, but they are also durable and washable. AGLAIA Paints, Anna Sova, and, Auro are some of the brand names you should look for when looking for natural paints.

2.) Conventional carpets are made with petroleum derived materials. These carpets are very polluting, both during their manufacturing process and also during their usage. In order to experience it, walk into a home that has just gotten a new carpet installed – you will instantly experience the smell of chemicals. Luckily, there are options when it comes to natural carpets. Consider the flooring carpets that are made from natural materials like plant fibers and wool. If you like hardwood flooring, you have plenty of options as well (e.g. natural hardwood flooring that are made from material like bamboo or cork)

3.) Kitchen Countertops that are made from conventional materials like formic and corian fill the atmosphere with pollution when they are produced. Besides, they emit poisonous chemicals because the need toxic chemicals and adhesives to install them. Green countertops are manufactured from items like terrazzo and materials like recycled crushed stones and post-consumer recycled glass or porcelain.

4.) Kitchen Cabinets are usually manufactured from synthetic wood that is processed from formaldehyde and glued with adhesives that emit VOC’s, PVC, and other toxic chemicals. With increasing awareness, green options for manufacturing kitchen cabinets are available. Bamboo makes an ideal material for cabinets because of its durability, renewability, and beauty. Besides, several formaldehyde-free glues and adhesives are available as well.

5.) For creating an eco-friendly landscape, consider a solar fountain instead of conventional electricity based water fountains. Most of the solar fountains are available in cord-free designs and they are ideal for outdoors. The cordless aspect of solar fountains makes them an ideal choice for patios and backyards as well.

Implementing these savvy ecological options for your home or garden helps you live a healthy and richer life. It also helps in creation of healthy and sustainable planet. Save your health as well as planet by applying these principles today.

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