10 tips to save water


The imbalance of the water cycle caused by uncontrolled use and poor human practices make the need to save water more and more pressing. Here we share some tips to be able to do it easily and comfortably,of all the water on Earth, not even 3% is fresh water.

1) Use the dishwasher. According to a study carried out by the Canal de Isabel II in Madrid, the use of the dishwasher saves up to 100 liters, around 10% of water, compared to manual dishwashing. In addition, since most of the water saved is hot water, an energy saving of 3 kW / h is also experienced in each wash.

2) Bottles of water inside the cistern. Many houses already have double capacity systems depending on the needs of each use but there are still many others that do not. Most of the time, the huge amount of water released by the cistern is not required, so a good solution to avoid wasting is to place two plastic bottles inside to reduce the volume of water that is used each time it is thrown away. of the chain.

3) Turn off the tap while you wash. During tooth brushing or shaving it is not necessary to keep the water tap on. Closing it while you wash will save up to 12 liters of water per minute.

4) Washing machines and dishwashers always full. Both appliances, unless the half load function is activated, which not all appliances incorporate, use the same amount of water regardless of the amount of clothing and utensils. Filling it to the top will optimize water consumption.

5) Always water at night. During the day, high temperatures evaporate part of the water you use to water your plants, being the most recommended time of the day at dusk or dawn.

6) Use atomizers or diffusers. The atomizers are small gadgets that are placed in the water outlet of the taps and that allow the water to be mixed with air. This way you will get a sensation of greater jet with a smaller amount of liquid, which will allow you to save water.

7) Don't take a bath, take a shower. The shower instead of the bath allows a saving of about 150 liters of water. If you multiply that amount by the number of times you shower a year, you will see that the waste is more than remarkable.

8) Choose native plants. When you think about which plants you will put in your garden, take into account their water needs, since a cactus does not consume the same amount of water as a kentia or a geranium.

9) Cold water in the fridge. If you always leave a jug of cold water in the fridge, you won't have to wait when you turn on the tap for it to come out fresh, saving a significant amount of liquid element.

10) Don't use the toilet as a trash can. If you put a trash can in the bathroom, you will avoid flushing every time you use the toilet as a garbage can.


  1. There are some easy steps that anyone can take in order to conserve water in their everyday life with minimal effort - that is, until they've done all of these steps multiple times every day. You may not think that saving water can actually be done at home or that it could really make much of a difference. Well think again because these tips are totally doable and can save you money too!


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